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WordPress Website Care Plans


How Does Your Website Work?

Having your customers visit your website is the cheapest way to turn them into paying customers and more people are buying what they want online.

Every month we see new technological advances as our own requirements of technology usage grow and also to respond to potential security issues. Hackers aren’t going to give up and go and get another hobby instead.

An up-to-date website makes it easier for you to reach potential clients and present your business as the attractive option. What do you do when you visit a site with a warning sign or broken links? I’ll tell you what I do; I hit the back button and go off looking elsewhere.

If you haven’t already got a website care plan in place then you may actually be losing money by not having a professional take care of that for you.

Accidental Mishaps

Lack of experience and neglect can not only undermine the functionality and appearance of your website and leave it vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers – but it might just be illegal too!

There are several ways you can handle this. You could bury your head in the sand or you could try and fix it yourself leading to further damage which will incur further (sometimes huge) costs when you need to bring in an expert to make an emergency fix.

A better alternative would be to hire me.

If technology isn’t something you’re interested in, flies way over your end and you don’t want to hire a full-time in-house employee to handle this, that’s where I can step in and care for your website 24/7 so you can run your business, not your website.

What Happens When Your Website Isn’t Maintained?

Security Vulnerabilities

All software is vulnerable to attack, even that written by industry experts and there will always be people looking to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Millions of websites are hacked on a daily basis and not just the small ones. Sony, Facebook, Twitter, US Department of Justice, LinkedIn, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Gap, Ebay, Vodafone, British Airways – you can see more here – it’s quite astonishing and there are far too many to list here. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/

WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

When these system core files are out of date they open your database up to malicious attacks… how would you handle your stock catalogue being wiped?

In just 4 weeks on this very site I had to make 17 updates.

4 were critical Security and WordPress core updates and 13 were updates of vital elements including payment integrations, SEO integrations and Site Speed.


Do you know if you can roll your website back to yesterday’s version? How about last week’s? Have these backups ever been tested?

Administrative Tasks

Hosting + domain registration names can expire if you’re not on the ball and then one day your site will just disappear in a puff of dust and you’ll either lose a ton of money in a) rebuilding the site, b) losing sales or possibly even worse c) someone jumping on the domain name and holding your business to ransom.

Links get broken and content gets old. With an average small ecommerce business having around 5000 individual links, do you know right now if they all work?


How I come in to it

Regular care and maintenance put the kybosh on emergency call outs and just as your equine friend needs maintenance such as a physiotherapist, farrier and vet – website care keeps your site galloping along.

Generally businesses do not want to hire more employees. By taking advantage of my off-site services you receive all the care you would with an on-site employee, without the risks or extra employer responsibilities.

Updating the site yourself can be time-consuming and tedious. Of the 17 updates I made in one month each had to be tested to ensure compatibility and full functionality before being set live and each update cost at least 1 hour – and that’s before the niggles!

Some hosts handle WordPress updates automatically and you could go with this strategy. However, with the host you are just a number and they will be serving 10s of 1000s of clients. With me, you’re special. I understand the specific business needs and industry.

Most hosts won’t update your plugins or theme upgrades automatically and there’s good reason for this. Plugins are created by a whole variety of developers working to varying standards to keep up with the latest WordPress updates to ensure security and combat vulnerabilities and whilst they’re happy to take care of your WordPress core update using a global roll-out, they don’t want the hassle of checking and tweaking each individual plugin.

For this reason it’s impossible to ensure each update won’t ‘break’ the rest of the site and so your host (rightly so!) does not want to take on this responsibility.

By hiring me, a fully-specialised hybrid of web designer and software specialist your website is monitored and plugins, themes and core WordPress updates are carried out with the full knowledge on how to adjust the updates or roll-back in the worst case scenario.

How it Works

  • WordPress Core Updates

  • Theme Updates

  • Plugin Updates

  • Daily Site-Wide Backups

  • Spam & Revisions Clean-up

  • Security & Performance Scans

  • Performance Optimization

  • Email Support

  • Google Analytics Reports

  • *Unlimited Small Tasks

There is no contract for Care Plans.

All plans operate on a monthly rolling subscription and you are free to cancel at any time. All I ask is that you give me 30 days notice so I can carry out the last thorough update of your site, hand over to you a full site back-up and remove my administrator credentials.

Peace of Mind

Your website will always be up-to-date and secure with daily back-ups to allow a complete restore if anything goes wrong.

24/7 monitoring to keep the cheeky hackers out and ensure your website is always available for your customers.

Email support when you need it and nothing to lose with no minimum contracts.

*Unlimited Small Tasks : Includes all site tasks and tweaks taking fewer than 30 minutes and typically covers things like adding staff details and profiles, re-jigging menu items, colours, fonts etc. These small tasks do not extend to advanced features such as the implementation of an online shop or changes to membership sites.

For larger tasks I am able to offer a full quote.

(These plans are exclusive to WordPress users, but don’t worry – if your website is a touch out-of-date and you’re looking to upgrade then I can help you there too.)


If you have any other questions, please contact me

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